Getting started with Smartlook on your website

You're just a few steps from using Smartlook on your website! To start collecting user data and recording user sessions, you have to deploy your code.

Deploying your tracking code:

  1. Find your tracking code. You can find the tracking code for each of your projects in Organization settings > Project settings.
Project settingsProject settings

Project settings

  1. Add the tracking code to your website. An example of possible code could be:
<script type='text/javascript'>
  window.smartlook||(function(d) {
    var o=smartlook=function(){ o.api.push(arguments)},h=d.getElementsByTagName('head')[0];
    var c=d.createElement('script');o.api=new Array();c.async=true;c.type='text/javascript';
    smartlook('init', PROJECT_KEY, { region: REGION });

And you're all set!

Once deployed on your website, user sessions start to show up in your Smartlook project. Allow a few minutes for the tracking code to be processed by Smartlook. Your first user sessions Sessions are fully available once the visitor leaves your website and the data is fully processed by Smartlook.


Deploy Smartlook using Typescript

You can also deploy Smartlook npm package with Typescript support.

Or, you can integrate using other services. Choose your integration to learn how to integrate Smartlook:

What’s Next