Element masking

Element masking

Smartlook knows that the privacy of your users is extremely important to you, and therefore to us. That is why Smartlook provides you with options to be sure that your users' sensitive data is never recorded. You can decide which elements should be hidden from recordings. This will prevent them from being recorded in the session.

Currently, you can Mask or Exclude elements in your session recordings.

Masking elements

When you mask an element, the text is replaced with a solid bar while leaving the element visible.

Masked elementsMasked elements

Masked elements

Excluding elements

When excluding elements, the element is replaced with a striped box. Smartlook does not record any data from excluded elements.

Excluded elementsExcluded elements

Excluded elements

To create rules to mask elements from your Smartlook organization settings, see Creating masking rules.

To mask or hide elements using the Smartlook Privacy API, see Privacy API.

For more information on data security in Smartlook, see Smartlook Security.

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